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The Art of Landscape Design and How It Can Beautify Your Area Landscaping can be described as the addition of the aesthetic appearance of your lawn by adding ornamental features, changing the contours, and putting some plants in the area. To start with your landscape design, you are expected to do some research with your desire to create some beautiful for your property, with or without another designer’s assistance. If you want to make a landscape design, with or without the help of another designer, you are suggested to conduct research and couple it with your creativity for something beautiful for a certain area. When you are planning to landscape your own yard, there are some things that you have to consider, like the terrain of the land, how the plants you have chosen will grow in time, and how your particular environment would change your plants as seasons come and go. By seeing the results of how their ideas turned into a beautiful scene and after experiencing the process that went into the project, landscape designers attested that they grew as a person and landscaper. Creating your own landscape design would entail your love and passion to be able to materialize the beauty you have envisioned as your garden grows.
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Before you start your landscape design, know that there are some basic elements to be aware of.
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The first factors that you have to be aware of about your landscaping space are the size of the area, the level of the ground, the conditions of the area, its soil and the things present now on the area that you have to work around with. Afterwards, you settle and start making your drawing to show your rough plan and see if you to include in your landscape design the present features of the area. It is advisable to have a scaled map of the whole area, even a simple one in order for you to visualize the totality of your landscape design and thus easy to follow in executing. After you have completed your basic plan, reproduce copies of it, and start organizing your plants and hardscape materials. The features of landscaping would cover the line, form, color, texture and visual weight of the design. As far as the arrangement and organization of the features, there are some guiding principles to create the beautiful landscape. One principle is proportion in landscaping, which is remembering how plants will grow after some time, order or visualizing their size and contour, another is repetition which is understanding how large or small a space covers, and unity which means finding out if the features will work harmoniously together. When you have understood the elements and basic principles behind designing a landscape, your next requirement is just to create your imagination onto a piece of paper and execute them to become a reality.

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