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Memorable Wishes to Write to Your Friends on Their Birthdays You should not always be so monotonous with the commonly used term HBD. Once in a while, it is good to make someone smile by giving a unique or just funny wish that will make your friend smile. When you have a friend who enjoys jokes, it’s good to use some for their birthdays. Even if you think a common birthday joke will no longer give a laugh or a smile, nothing you risk losing. This article gives you a sneak peek into some of the hilarious wishes to send or write your friend during their birthdays. Below are some hysterical and funny happy birthday wishes to tell to a friend. Doctor’s advises against intake of sugars at your age. Age is a high price you pay for maturity. Growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional. Age is an issue of mind over matter if you don’t mind neither does it. Happy birthday dear, it is a wish that you eat this cake before you collapse of old age. Yes you are wiser with your age and so you should use your wisdom to earn your own things as there are no presents for you. Since living for long is what you have wanted, getting old has been part of you. At your age my dear you should be concerned of virtues and not material things and therefore no gifts for you. You are not old until you can’t read this writing anymore. Best happy birthday wishes old baby. Count your blessings not your wrinkles. Congrats on your birthday and remember no sex because you need all your energy to blow out the candles.
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Don’t feel so uncomfortable about your age, people will all one day get as old as you are. Many aging men still want to act like young lads while ladies never grow beyond twenty’s. Do not remember the past, it is gone, do not concern with the future, it is yet, does not mind about the present no one bought you any. Just as the past has to be forgotten, so should your presents. Happy birthday, but what’s your secret; a time machine or something? Don’t worry about the rate at which you are celebrating your birthdays worry instead about the rate at which you are nearing your death date. Congrats as you blow another set of candles no worry about spilling the bag regarding your real birth date.
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No more lies; your plastic surgeon is the best. People are wondering why you have been keeping the company of the plump and the aged, no worry, happy birthday. You are not forty; you are eighteen with twenty-two years of experience.

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